Volunteer Application

 Barefoot Trimming
 Barn Chores
 Equine Grooming
 Equine Hauling
 Equine Healing (massage, essential oils, energy work, herbal support)
 Event Planning
 Equine Nutrition
 Grant Writing
 Management Skills
 Manual Labor
 Public Relations
 Website Design and Maintenance
 Other (fill out below)
 Equine Owner - Current
 Equine Owner - Previous
 Trainer - 2 + years experience
 Riding Instructor - 2 + years experience
 Leased a horse
 Took Lessons
 Barn Manager/Assistant
 Vet/Vet Assistant
 Hoof Trimmer/Farrier
 No Previous Experience
 Feed crew
 Horse handling/grooming
 Fundraiser Event Staffing
 Horse Event Staffing
 Organization Operation
 Public Relations
 Facility Maintenance
 Horse Health/Emergency Staff
 Other (fill out below)
 Weekday Mornings
 Weekday Afternoons
 Weekday Evenings
 Weekend Mornings
 Weekend Afternoons
 Weekend Evenings
 Specify below
 No (Fill out questions below)
 No (will fill out their own application)
 Sold or given away a senior horse after years of ownership?
 Had a violation(s) or conviction(s) of neglect, abuse, or any other form of inhumane treatment to animals?
 Been investigated for any form of animal neglect, abuse or any other form of inhumane treatment to animals?
 Surrendered an animal to a Humane Society, Rescue Organization, or Animal Control?
 None of these apply
 I prefer not to answer
 I Agree
 I have questions