Reporting Abuse & Neglect

1. Determine if the horse is truly abused or neglected. HRHR received numerous calls with varied levels of concern. A horse that is in a pasture, well fed, standing in the rain (they have a shelter) with redwood needles in their mane and tail may be very happy and cared for.

2. Try to contact the owner. Many times the owner is unaware of the horses condition. Other times, the owner may not have the resources to care for the horses any longer. And many times it only takes a compassionate inquiry for the condition to change. Most owners need to hear it personally - don't tell 20 other people - tell the owner.

3. Contact Livestock Control Division of the Humboldt County Sheriff's Department (707) 445-7251. They will not contact you with their findings. And you do not have to give your name. Give the address, location, situation, owner's name, markings and breed of horse(s). Explain the abuse/ neglect. Also, inform them if you have talked with the owner.

4. Do not trespass! This is illegal and dangerous.

5. Do not feed the horse!  Best intentions can kill a horse. If the horse is starving - a well meaning bucket of grain can put the horse into metabolic imbalance with resultant death. We have seen this again and again. If you fear the horse will not survive the next 24 hours - call Livestock Control.

6. Please call Heart of the Redwoods (707)440-9140, or if possible, take pictures of the equine(s) and email to us at HRHR is not law enforcement. We are a nonprofit that strives to help the condition of horses in Humboldt County. We have volunteers that are willing to educate owners in horse care. We can follow-up with Livestock Control and try to provide resources and support. Many times, the owners  are not able to care for the horse and we help them find the horse an appropriate home.